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Year in Review 2021
Here’s what happened over the last twelve months
We launched 5 new design and programming courses this year. Our project audience quadrupled, and the total number of courses on our platform is now more than 20.

New users

Educational courses
45 min

Average lesson length

Average tutor grade
7 405

Hours of educational materials

Current students

message from THE founder

We’ve managed to create an online web development school with a large audience and we’re not standing still. In 2021, we decided to venture into web design and released several courses to that effect. We plan to build on that and increase the number of web design tutorials next year.

Mike Shaw
Offline Events
We communicated a lot offline this year. Our annual hackathon attracted 350 participants, 30 winners were offered internships at major companies.

654 students took part in our traditional career days in March and June. Discover the stories of several students who were able to immediately get a job following their career day interviews.

Student stories →

Students secured internships after our hackathon

Registered participants at our annual hackathon

Students took part in our annual career days
Free Courses
This year we made 5% of the spots in our popular development training programs free, and around 2,000 people took part in the selection stages for those slots. In doing so, we wanted to give talented students an opportunity to learn without worrying about the cost of tuition.
Webinar Series
More than 4,500 people signed up for MakeChange this year
The market is changing faster than ever, and you need to keep in touch with professionals in the field to keep up with the latest trends in development and design. This year, we held a series of MakeChange webinars about career guidance and IT professions with a number of experts. We had 4,500 people sign up for the webinar. You’ll find the sign-up form for the next marathon as well as the recordings of all the previous webinars by clicking on the link below.

Link to marathon →

Thank you for being with us
We wish you well in your studies—we'll be rooting for your success in the new year!